Healing Ministry

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Blessed Virgin Mary Wallpaper

First Conference 2005

  • Spirituality of the Liturgy by Most Rev. Steven Lopes (2 CD)
  • (05)Healing Buried Fears by Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • Discerning Visions and Mystical Experiences by Rev. John Grigus, OFM Conv
  • Love, Fear & Anger by Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • Witness & Seek the Heart of the Father by Rev. Robert Surges
  • Personal Discernment by Rev. Douglas Leonhardt
  • Theological and Spiritual Power of the Holy Angels by Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • The Charism of Intercession by Rose Hersil and Sr. Marilyn Metz(2CD)
Second Conference 2006

  • Foundational Theology for the Beatitudes and their Relationship to Evil by Rev. Lawrence Hennessey (2CD)
  • Psychologica l & Spiritual Dynamics in the Human Heart – Pastoral Diagnosis by Rev. John Michet (2CD)
  • Rules of Discernment – Pastoral Diagnosis by Rev. Douglas Leonhardt & Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • Theology of the Mercy Beatitudes-Ministry of Deliverance in Exorcism by Rev. John Grigus OFM Conv.(3 CD)
  • Pastoral Applications for Renewing the Renewal by Rene Marazon
Third Conference 2007

  • Exorcism by Padre José Fortea, Part1&2 (8 CD)
  • Historic Exorcism & Demonic Possession by Rev Jeffrey Grob (6 CD)
  • How Your Thought Processes Can Evolve to Evil by Dr. Margarett Schlientz
  • The Bishop’s Role in Support of Exorcism by Most Revs. Martin Holley & Robert Hermann
Fourth Conference 2008

  • Discernment, Deliverance and Exorcism by Rev. Francis Martin (3 CD)

Fifth Conference 2009

  • Patristic Writings of Fathers of the Early Church over Evil through the Gospel of Mark by Daniel Cardinal DiNardo (4CD)
Sixth Conference 2010

  • Exorcism and the Sacrament of Reconciliation by Most Rev David Ricken
  • New Age and Other Cults by Rev. John Struzzo CSC (4CD)
  • The Power of the Holy Spirit by Dr. Margarett Schlientz (2 CD)
  • Abortion, Conception, etc. by Vicki Thorn (4CD)
Seventh Conference 2011

  • Prayer & Bishops Conference on Exorcism 2010 at Baltimore by Most Rev. Thomas Paprocki
  • Truth and Revelations of Evil in the Scriptures by Ralph Martin
  • Mental Health and Possession by Dr. Richard Gallagher (9 CD)
Eighth Conference 2012

  • Living by Word of God, part 1&2 by Rev. Jim McManus CSsR(8CD)
  • Set of slide handouts from talks of Rev. James McManus
  • Introduction to Exorcism by Padre Francesco Bamonte (4 CD)
  • Talks by Padre Bamonte in original Italian (2 CD)
  • Spirit of Discernment by Alessandro Panessi9 2(CD)
  • The Art of Deliverance by Rev. Greg Bramlage (2 CD)

Nineth Conference 2013

  • Masonry and Satan by Rev. Richard Fineo, p 1 & 2
Tenth Conference 2014

  • Prayer Life According to the Carmelite Tradition (2 CD) by Rev. Tim Oudenhoven
  • Ritual Abuse and Mind Control (2 CD) by Rev. Mark Baron
  • Satan and Masonry (p 3 & 4) by Rev. Richard Fineo
  • Demonic Entry Points (2 CD) by Rev. Greg Bramlage

  • A Systematic Pastoral Approach to the Ministry of Deliverance by Rev. Carl Schmidt, CSsR
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