Conference Cancellation, Mar 18-22 2019
Dearest All
As of February 15 we have cancelled the Conference scheduled for March 18-22 due to lack of registrations. By now we would have had over 100 and we have less than 10. As I talked with others across the nation it seems that the shock of the sexual abuse scandal has brought forth a mistrust of the Church. Many are angry and have left the Church. The laity have not lived through this scandal even though in the history of the Church there have been many throughout the centuries. I would encourage you to look up the first page of the last issue on your computer of the National Catholic Register and read what St. Charles Borremeo encountered in Milan as a newly ordained priest when the presbytery had collapsed and the convents were houses of prostitution. In 20 years he was able to renew the clergy and reestablish the convents to their original purpose. He died at age 46.

In our lifetime we are aware of patterns of sin in individual clerics or religious but not a massive neglect of sexual abuse as recently. It is sad when laity have left the Church in anger and mistrust. We all have to realize we are not here for Popes, Bishops or Priests- we are here for Jesus Christ who resides in waiting in the Tabernacle for each of us 24 hours a day. We have to remember the Father is always present bringing us to Himself through Jesus and His Holy Mother. It is disappointing when our leadership fails in their commitment and leadership, but the Holy Spirit hovers over us with great love and He will see us through this.

Now the call for each of us is to forgive the Bishops for their blindness and neglect on this issue, forgive the abusers and pray for the victims of abuse. I believe the Holy Spirit is cleansing his Church and the Holy Spirit will bring us into a new era. Holy hours are vital at this time. This is a time when we deepen our prayer and commitment for this Holy Church – leaving in unresolved anger will personally do us more harm and solves nothing. Anyone in pain needs faithfulness of others and so does the Church now.
Yours in Christ

To All:
If you have any suggestions on titles or themes for future conferences in the next two years, please contact Joe… Contact Info…and he will forward the information to Dr. Margarett.
Your Conference Fee will be returned to within a week to 10 days