The Healing Ministry Conference is an entity of the organization: “HEALING MINISTRY IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC TRADITION”

The HEALING MINISTRY IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC TRADITION, INC, a private, non-profit organization has been established for the total education & training of priests in the holy ministry of exorcism and deliverance. The Institute is independent. It is not associated with, and receives no funds from any diocese or formal organization in the current structure of the Catholic Church. It functions solely on private donations. We rely heavily on private donations and bequests to provide human, spiritual, academic and pastoral formation of priests engaged in the ministry of exorcism & deliverance.

Inquires are arriving whether individuals personally can make various size donations of money to help those priests attending the Healing Ministry Conference to help defray expenses.  Parishes, organizations, individuals, clergy and laity have expressed interest in sending donations and are asked to follow the directives below.

Cost to attend the 5-day sessions is $350 tuition and $445 room & board.  Some would like to sponsor their diocesan representative per session, others would like to send monthly donation or make a one time donation for a specified priest or a non-specified priest.
Any amount of donation is accepted.  It does not have to be specifically for one or more sessions.
Please consider becoming a friend and benefactor of the Institute by making a donation today.

Make the check out to: HMRCT
Specify in your letter that the donation is for the Healing Ministry Conference
Note:  This is the only way we can cash the check because of Federal Regulations of the 501c3.
Mail checks to HMCRT,  13618 W. Meadow Lane,  New Berlin, WI 53151.
NOTE: All donations are tax deductable and a receipt will be issued upon request.