Sunday Evening
A deli style dinner will be available in the coffee room for arrivals from 5pm to 8pm.   At 8 pm there will be a Welcoming Conference at the Conference Center followed by a Travelers Mass in the Chapel.

Rev Ambrose Little
will present on the spirituality of St. Dominic and lead a prayerful meditation characteristic of that spirituality.
Rev. Martin Pable: Franciscan spirituality has a rich historical development beginning with St. Francis of Assisi. ;It is marked by a spirit of poverty and simplicity, rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus. It is lived out in forms of consecrated life for both men and women, as well as for lay people living in the world. This presentation will make connections between Franciscan spirituality and the ministry of reconciliation; and healing.

Dr. Margarett Schlientz
will present forming a exorcism team.
Rev. Philip Scott will give a profound presentation; on the father-mother wounds and the ways wounds can open one to evil.

Wednesday Rev. Philip Scott will present on the blessedness of God the Father and the intercessory gifts of Mary as our mother.

Rev Philip Scott
will continue with his Wednesday presentation.

Friday Morning. Dr. Paul Thigpen, editor of Tan Books , will introduce and comment on his new publication: “Manual for Spiritual Warfare”. Copies available at the conference.

Special:  Wednesday and Thursday,  priest only track:

Rev. Dennis McManus will speak on the interrelationships of The Sacrament of Reconciliation and Confessions  as they apply to Deliverance, Healing and Exorcism.